Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Not Married-No Will-Now What?

Client Died Last Friday, Partner Left In Limbo!!!!
I write this post with a heavy heart.  I learned this morning that one of my clients died on Friday...I heard this from his partner. 
The partner never held ownership interest in the property, he just lived there for many years and contributed to the care, maintenance and house payments without securing a place on the title or deed. 
Now his partner is gone, and he has no idea if there is a Will or any other legal documentation protecting his interests.
I say this to all of my LGBT brothers and sisters...please, please, please, whether you are single or coupled, have your legal paperwork in place! If you are coupled and don't have anything protecting each other from tragedies, you are playing with fire. 
Life happens.  Life happens all of the time.  Partners die all the time, and if it happens to be your partner and if your partners family learn you have not been named anywhere as an heir, what do you think happens next? We live in Florida. We do not have the right to marry as of this date 12/17/14. Wills are not romantic and it's really not a fun conversation to have, but you must have it and act.
If you have no legal documentation, Wills, etc., contact an attorney!  If you don't know an attorney, my partner and I use Mary Meeks, who is a well known LGBT attorney in Orlando.  I get nothing from plugging Mary Meeks, she's just a damn good attorney.

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