Monday, July 13, 2015

Top 10 LGBT Neighborhoods in Orlando, FL

10 LGBT Neighborhoods in Orlando, FL

Actually, it's really tough to make the cutoff and stick to 10 neighborhoods, which is why I have 13 showing and I easily could've added another 7!  As I tell out of state clients looking to relocate to Orlando, we really don't have a concentrated "gay ghetto" here...we are pretty much everywhere, which speaks volumes regarding the overall acceptance in the immediate region.  

Excluding Kissimmee & Winter Park, which are longtime established cities, the neighborhoods on this list have Orlando ZIP codes; in the case of Dr. Phillips, Baldwin Park and Lake Nona, which definitely feel suburban, the others are typical city neighborhoods.

  1. Thornton Park & Lake Eola Heights.  Walking distance to DT Orlando, great little restaurants and bars, great mix of people, gentrified neighborhood with gorgeous bungalows and craftsman style homes on cobblestone streets. Predominantly built post WWI. Upscale and gentrified. Expensive.
  2. Downtown Orlando. Professional, good looking, educated and active...endless things to do.  Ground zero for gay pride events. Many new condo towers since the 1990's. Moderate to expensive.
  3. College Park., bars and restaurants & sleepy streets lined primarily with post WWII houses. Moderate to expensive.
  4. Colonial Town (South) & Conway. In my opinion, these areas are ripe for "up & coming" status! Primarily 50's & 60's houses...terrazzo floors found here! Value to expensive.
  5. Winter Park. Check out Park Ave., then you'll see why it's on my list! Wide range mainly built from 1920's-60's. Moderate to expensive.
  6. Delaney Park. Designing Women's own Delta Burke has a connection to the neighborhood.  This lovely part of town features cobblestone streets, big old houses and a super location to DT Orlando.  A bit east is an area called Lake Davis, AKA "Lake Betty Davis" by friends who live in the area. Homes mainly built between WWI & WWII. Moderate to expensive.
  7. Baldwin Park. Formerly a military base, Baldwin Park is new urbanism at its finest! Easy commute to DT, nice restaurants and bars...very walkable neighborhood.  Homes built 1990's+ Moderate to expensive.
  8. Kissimmee. Yep, our gal pal's and guy's enjoy the laid back atmosphere & affordable prices Kissimmee has to offer.  Excellent little ma & pa restaurants from all over, but particularly the islands and South America pepper the landscape. Lots of new but plenty from the 70's and earlier. Value to expensive.
  9. Dr. Phillips. Many Disney and Universal executives call Dr. Phillips home, and for good reason: easy access to the attractions, airport, DT and Dr. Phillips restaurants, which are fabu! Primarily built in the 1960's-1980's. Moderate to expensive.
  10. Lake Nona.  Who doesn't have a friends in the medical, bio-medicine and education fields?  From doctors, nurses and other specialties within medicine, to professors and teachers at the VA and UCF Medical School, which are all located here, LGBT are taking advantage of career enhancing positions and making it home.  Suburban, moderate to upscale, green and super convenient to DT, OIA, Atlantic Ocean, Disney and Universal. Most built since 2000 and continues through today. Moderate to expensive.
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