Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Builder Basic or Upgrade? New Construction Upgrading Tips

What sort of things should be upgraded in a new home?  I recommend focusing on ROI (return on investment) at resale and stay away from things that cost you a lot now while adding no value to the home later.
Don't Upgrade. I wouldn't upgrade carpeting, plumbing fixtures, ceiling fans, flooring, lighting or appliances.

Most times, you will find a much better price sourcing these things yourself while getting the style and brand you want.  My suggestion. Go with whatever the builder offers as standard and if you don't like them, make changes incrementally, but over time.

Things to upgrade. I recommend upgrading things that actually add value and cost a lot once the house is completed. Things like extra recessed lights, built-in smart home system, pre-wire and pre-plumb for outside kitchen, upgraded cabinets, more sq.  footage, extra bedroom or bathroom, covered patio, metal/wood banister instead of half wall, 3rd stall garage, cabana apartment, etc.

Lastly, if you decide to purchase a new construction home, make sure you have your Realtor with you.  Why? The builders sales reps. are there to represent the builders interests, not yours, and since 99% of builders pay the Realtor's commission, you are getting full service and representation without paying for it.

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