Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Neighborhood Home Buying Tips & Hurricane Season in Orlando: Who Get's Power First?

We hired a seasoned electrician for several projects around the house the other day, and during one of our discussions, he opined on our Hurricane Season then offered some interesting observations that I never considered.

For example, following a major hurricane, older neighborhoods like Thornton Park will likely take longer to have power restored following a hurricane compared to a newer suburban area like Lake Nona.

It has nothing to do with one area having more clout over the other; it has everything to do with buried power lines VS utility pole supplied power and making $$$.  In his view, money is the ultimate prioritizer following hurricanes.

In newer areas where utility lines are buried, like Lake Nona, homes are connected to transformers and sub-stations which feed neighborhoods with electricity.  If a transformer or sub-station goes down, you could have hundreds of consumers affected...consumers who are not consuming (purchasing) power from the utility company.

In Thornton Park, if the beautiful Live Oak tumbles to the ground and takes out your power line in the process, is the utility company going to send its crew to an individual consumer first or take care of a sub-station supplying (selling) power to hundreds?

Let's hope we never have to experience it first hand to see if he's right.

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