Thursday, October 23, 2014

#1 LGBT Realtor in Orlando, FL: Introduction to College Park

This neighborhood is one of Orlando's most popular and consistently sought after areas, and the prices tend to reflect the reality.  When you walk along Edgewater Drive near Princeton St., you'll find numerous restaurants, shops and services all within walking or biking distance for College Park property owners.

Gentrifying, but not in a stuffy or pretentious way, a College Park home search will show varied prices with the more expensive properties overlooking lakes or closer to Edgewater, Princeton and Smith Streets, which is the main commercial area.  

General map of College Park, Orlando, FL, loosely defines the area boundary as Colonial Ave. (s), Orange Blossom Trail (w), I-4 (e) and Minnesota Ave. to the north.  Depending on which side of College Park you live, one can easily bike to D.T. Orlando or head over to Lake Eola Heights and Thornton Park, which are two other popular neighborhoods with gads of rainbow flag/ HRC stickers.

Please feel free to share your list of popular LGBT neighborhoods, communities and subdivisions in the Orlando area!

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