Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Property Ownership for LGBT Couples in Orlando, FL

How Should My Partner and I Title Our New Home?

Every LGBT couple I have worked with since 2001 asks the same question, and since I am not an attorney, I can only share what has worked for my family.

Since marriage is still not an option for gay couples in Florida, my partner and I purchase real estate as Joint Tenants in Common with Right of Survivorship, which allows for survivorship rights.  This is not 100%, however, so it's very important to get your legal house in order, pun intended, to avoid a legal nightmare.

In Orlando, we have wonderful LGBT Community Leaders, and one of them, Mary Meeks,  is a well known attorney who's been fighting for Marriage Equality in Florida for years.  http://www.marymeekslaw.com 

We've used Mary on several occasions, the most recent was updating our Living Wills, Wills and Medical Directives.  

When in doubt about LGBT legal issues, call an LGBT attorney.

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