Saturday, October 25, 2014

Debunking LGBT Myths About Orlando, FL

Each year, Orlando Gay Day's attracts 170,000+ folks from all over the world, and this year, Orlando Gay Pride hosted 135,000+ during the annual October celebration.

Disney, Universal, I.T., Medical, Hospitality and start ups all thrive in Orlando, and while the community enhances and nurtures creativity, the climate and business environment make living here very comfortable.

The image of "Bubba" or "Good Ole Boy's" riding around our communities bashing LGBT doesn't exist.  That said, I think a two hour drive away from any urban center in the United States is vastly different, in terms of attitudes and beliefs, than what we find living near D.T. USA.  Orlando is no different.

If you are considering purchasing a second home, vacation condo or plan to relocate or retire in a warm climate, I strongly encourage you to consider Orlando.  Politically friendly and safe, affordable real estate prices, no state income tax, fabulous climate and gads of things to do 24/7 365.

Gay Orlando Realestate

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